Beautiful Jewelry and Gemstones

At Jennifer’s Jewelry LLC  we have a passion for high quality beautiful jewelry and gemstones.    We have been selling our extensive inventory at gem and jewelry shows on the east coast for over 20 years.  Our merchandise is available at shows, at our new online store and through private sales. 

Our fine estate jewelry selection contains amazing pieces from many periods including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Retro and Georgian.    Quite a few pieces in the selection are by famous design houses such as Tiffany, Krementz, Van Cleef & Arpel, McTiegue, Georg Jensen and more.

We carry new designer jewelry by Denny Wong, Marta Howell, as well as our own designs.  If you love sea creatures the Denny Wong designs are sure to delight you.   The Marta Howell collection pairs exotic shells with colored gemstones in sterling silver for a beautiful contemporary look.

Our Native American collection contains an amazing selection of Old Pawn silver and turquoise rings, squash blossoms, fetish necklaces, bolo ties and much more.  Many of our pieces are signed.

If you are looking for a high quality gemstone we carry a vast range of stones.   We have many “no heat” sapphires of various colors including Montana sapphire.   Our rare stone grouping contains cobalt spinels, demantoid garnets and alexandrite.   Phenomenal stones such as star sapphires, cat’s eye chrysoberyl, moonstones, zultanite, star quartzes are our specialty.

 We can design and create a unique piece of jewelry using our gems or your own.    We also often assist with restyling family heirlooms into jewelry that can be worn with today’s contemporary wardrobe. 

Our vast inventory of enamel Faberge style eggs are designed and made by Russian artisans.   They are all hand painted over sterling many with gold leaf.  Sparkling Swarovski crystals adorn most of these gorgeous eggs.

Please come see our beautiful jewelry and gemstones at the shows listed on our Show Dates schedule or visit our online Shop.

Starfish ruby, diamond and pearl pin

Antique bone brooch

Enamel Bird Pin